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Survival Kits for Senior Citizen Care – A Must Have At Home


Survival kits for senior citizen care can save your life in an emergency. Hurricane Ida made its destructive landfall in the US state of Louisiana just over a year ago, forcing thousands of residents to abandon their homes. It was a stark reminder that most of us are ill-prepared when natural disasters strikes, not to mention a pandemic.

Why Senior Emergency Kit is Needed?

You may think you don’t need emergency kits until it’s too late. Whether you live in the Nevada desert or a cozy New York apartment, you must be prepared for tomorrow’s uncertainties.

Avoid getting into a comfort zone where you have everything you need within arm’s reach. Yet, a simple evacuation during a natural disaster can leave you without your essentials at a moment’s notice.

You can’t compromise on emergency preparedness if you have special needs or take prescription medications. Your life and that of your loved one may depend on additional resources.

The basic items you take for granted, such as toilet paper, medication, and water, might not be easily accessible if you are stranded after an evacuation. Moreover, seniors and older adults may be left without much help when push comes to shove.

An emergency preparedness kit can prepare you for any unforeseen situation. Create a disaster supplies kit by putting together a few essential items.

Items You Need In Your Senior Citizen Survival Kit

First Aid Kit

You might be left alone to look after yourself without support from another person. Also, you might be too far away from specialized medical equipment at your home care facility. A first aid compact kit lets you treat minor burns or cuts. It may even help you manage serious injuries such as broken bones while you wait for help to arrive.

First Aid Kit
First Aid Kit

298 Piece All-Purpose First Aid Emergency Kit

Canned Food and Water

Non-perishable food and at least a 3-days supply of water are essential for any survival kit, especially if you are home alone. Put away enough supplies for your whole household. Canned food and extra water (in a waterproof container) will keep you nourished if you are confined to a home care situation with special needs.

72-Hour 1-Person Emergency Food Supply
72-Hour 1-Person Emergency Food Supply
  • 42 servings
  • 2, 667 calories per day & 8, 000 total calories
  • 5 meal varieties
  • Easy to Prepare. Just add water!
  • Up to a 25 year shelf life!
  • Net weight: 4 lb 0. 97 Z (1. 84 kg)
Anti Burst Emergency Water Packets
Anti Burst Emergency Water Packets

Made in USA – Survival Water Pouch– 12 Packs, 72HRS

Cell phone and Radio

Since it is vital to stay informed when an emergency occurs, your kit must include a cell phone, portable radio, and extra batteries. The radio will keep you informed of the latest news when disaster strikes, while the cell phone will keep you in touch with a family member or loved one. Contact with other people also helps with emotional support..

Eton - American Red Cross FRX3+ Emergency NOAA Weather Radio
Eton – American Red Cross FRX3+ Emergency NOAA Weather Radio

Eton – American Red Cross FRX3+ Emergency NOAA Weather Radio.

Stay Alert in the event of an emergency situation with this rechargeable emergency radio. With a solar panel and hand turbine power generator, this radio will keep you informed of any weather alerts and disasters. This multipurpose tool is a must-have for any emergency kit.

Jitterbug Smart2 No-Contract Easy-to-use Smartphone for Seniors
Jitterbug Smart2 No-Contract Easy-to-use Smartphone for Seniors
voice typing, Jitterbug Smart2 No-Contract Easy-to-use Smartphone for Seniors
voice typing

Jitterbug Smart2 No-Contract Easy-to-use Smartphone for Seniors

Emergency Contact Card

An emergency contact card may save your life when you struggle to find the correct contact details. There are likely too many phone numbers on your cell phone. Moreover, the chances are that you may have stored emergency contact details incorrectly.

Light stick or Flashlight

Lights Sticks with 12 Hour Duration
Lights Sticks with 12 Hour Duration

You may need extra light, as power outages are common during an evacuation or emergency. A light stick or flashlight will guide you in the dark, especially when you need to take prescription medicine. Also, every older adult may need a light in the dark to prevent them from stumbling or falling over obstacles.

Green Glow Sticks – 12 Hour Duration

GearLight LED Flashlight Pack
GearLight LED Flashlight Pack

GearLight LED Flashlight Pack

Book and Glasses

Disasters can be highly stressful and leave you with your thoughts for hours. A good read can help you to cope. Remember to pack your reading glasses in the kit. The chances are that you may need glasses to read important updates or news about the disaster.

Plastic Whistle

Disasters can be highly stressful and leave you with your thoughts for hours. A good read can help you to cope. Remember to pack your reading glasses in the kit. The chances are that you may need glasses to read important updates or news about the disaster.

Emergency Whistles
Emergency Whistles

Pill Box

Every emergency kit should include prescription medication, pain relievers, and anxiety remedies to keep you calm. A pill box organizer will ensure that all your necessary pills are labelled and organized accordingly. Make sure the box is sealed and waterproof to keep your medicines safe.

Pill Holder Container
Pill Holder Container

Survival Blanket

The evenings can get pretty cold, especially if you are not sleeping in your own bed during a disaster. Survival blankets can fold neatly into a tiny bundle, making them suitable for carrying around in an emergency kit. You can find blankets made from easy-dry material if it gets wet and cold.

2 Person Emergency Tent
2 Person Emergency Tent

Cleansing Wipes

Sanitation is vital for survival during an emergency. Include moist towels in your kit to wipe your hands before you eat or drink. Cleansing wipes can also clean wounds, bruises, or cuts. Moist towelettes are also vital during disease control to avoid spreading bacterial infection.

Airtight Plastic Bags

Your emergency supplies should be stored in airtight plastic bags within your survival kit. When your items are safely stored, your food and other things are not exposed to environmental changes. You can use them as garbage bags as well to avoid littering. Airtight disaster supplies shouldn’t take up too much space in your bag.

Senior Information Card

It is not unusual for anyone or an older person to lose their memory during a traumatic experience. Since disaster situations can be highly stressful, it is always wise to carry a senior information card. The card has all the personal information that will help medical personnel to assist you.

Assistive Medical Devices

If you have special needs that need an assistive medical device, make sure that you have a portable one standing by in case of an emergency. Several mobility aids, such as canes and walkers, are easy to carry. If you have difficulty hearing, pack your hearing aids in the emergency kit with a few extra batteries.

Survival Kit For Your Pet

Don’t forget about your beloved pets or service animals during an emergency! Your pet is a member of your family. It is easy to forget that a disaster can also be highly stressful for our pets.

Prepare a portable survival kit for your pets. Include a leash, collar, poop bags, blanket, canned food, medicine, and a favorite toy to comfort them. Ensure you have enough supplies that will last several days.

Most shelters don’t allow pets, and you may need to make arrangements for your pets if something happens. Pet survival kits need to be transportable and include essentials. You need to prepare them for wherever they are going.

Dog Travel Bag
Dog Travel Bag


What is the purpose of a survival kit?

A survival kit is a collection of essential items and tools assembled to aid survival during emergencies or challenging situations. The purpose of a survival kit is to provide individuals or groups with the necessary resources to sustain themselves until help arrives or until they can reach a place of safety. These kits are designed to address various potential emergencies, such as natural disasters, wilderness situations, accidents, or other unexpected events where access to necessities may be limited or cut off entirely.

How long should a survival kit last?

72-Hour Kit: A 72-hour or three-day survival kit is a common recommendation for emergency preparedness. This type of kit aims to provide enough supplies, including food, water, and essential items, to sustain an individual or a household for approximately three days.

Where should survival kits be stored?

Survival kits should be stored in readily accessible and secure locations, considering the potential emergencies or situations they are meant to address.
Keeping a survival kit at home is advisable, as that is where most emergencies or disasters are likely to occur. Choose a central and easily accessible location, such as a designated cupboard or closet, and inform all household members about its whereabouts.

Final Thoughts: Survival Kits for Senior Citizen Care

Ever had to evacuate during an emergency? You might not realize the importance of disaster preparedness now, but it might be too late when the panic sets in.

Avoid saying ‘’I will do it tomorrow’’ or ‘’this will never happen to me’’. The unpredictable nature of a disaster can be devastating without an emergency plan. Take care of yourself, your loved ones, and your pets.

Have a survival kit ready for any emergency. You can store all your essential supplies in an easy-to-carry travel or duffel bag.







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