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Select The Best Shower Bench For Elderly Citizens

The Best Shower Bench For Elderly is representing safety! A necessity to avoid slipping and falling, The shower or bath can be a fall risk for elderly people, especially when they are wet. The solution is a shower chair that has handles, anti-slip feet, backrest, and maybe a safety belt. In choosing the right chair we must take into consideration the mobility of the elderly person. Before we get deeper in the article, here are three shower chairs which could be the solution for a wide variety of elderly persons.    

Three of The Best Shower Chairs

chairs for elderly-Drive Medical Stool for bath

1. Bath Stool With Padded Rotating Seat

This shower chair will be suitable for a person who does not have major balance problems.

The stool features a 360-degree rotating seat, making it one of the perfect shower chairs. The main features are a padded rotating seat, adjustable height, a tray for personal items, easy to assemble and clean. It would also be nice to install a grip bar in the shower for extra safety.

the best shower chair  with Padded Armrests

2. Shower Chair with Padded Armrests & Backrest

Shower chairs have a range of notable features to enhance safety, comfort, and accessibility.

They incorporate sturdy armrests that provide added support, minimizing the risk of falls while bathing. Including padded seats and armrests ensures optimal comfort and serves as a protective barrier for the user's skin.

Moreover, these chairs feature a distinctively colored seat, specifically designed to aid visually impaired elderly individuals in quickly identifying and locate the chair within the shower area.

Shower chairs offer convenient height adjustment mechanisms, allowing personalized adjustments to suit the user's preferences and requirements.

Carousel Sliding Transfer Bench with Swivel Seat

3. Shower Bench with Swivel Seat

Among the transfer benches this this transfer bench is ideal for the elderly with major mobility issues.

The bench provides effortless sliding and pivoting for safe transfers in and out of the shower or bathtub. The padded armrests swing out of the way to allow seniors to easily sit and transfer in or out of the chair. When they need a little more help, however, the armrests lock into place for safety and increased support as they move around. 

A safety belt ensures that the sitting person does not at any time slide off the bench. 

How Does Shower Chairs Benefit the elderly?

When you age, you lose much of your mobility, stability or balance, and can become uncomfortable standing in the shower. The best shower chair helps you sit in the shower or bathtub, so that you don't have to stand up and worry about slipping or loosing your balance. It also makes it easier for someone else to help with washing your back or bathing.

They help the elderly person stay in a comfortable position for long periods of time, and they provide stability so that the individual does not fall over or injure himself. 

Elderly people who are unable to stand on their own or have any other mobility problems should use one of the following shower chairs for:

Greater security - the older person feels more secure during bath time using one of the above shower chairs.

Greater comfort - the shower is a slippery space in which the elderly person does not feel comfortable. Shower chairs for seniors allow them to sit while they wash.

Better hygiene - older people may refuse to shower due to the great physical effort that this entails and the fear of falling. Shower chairs contribute to relaxation and are establishing confidence, allowing them to concentrate on the washing and not be distracted by the fear of falling.

The shower chair is designed with an angle-adjustable backrest which helps support them in different positions during showering .

Consider When Choosing A Shower Chair

When we have to choose between all the different types of shower chair we have to take into account several aspects:

Space - We have to consider the person and the space: The shower chairs for independent bathing or showering the elderly or people with reduced mobility must fulfill its function of safety and comfort. In addition, it has to be adjusted to the space available in the bathroom.

Transfer - Help with transfers: If the person in need of an orthopedic shower chair for bathing or washing lacks leg strength or equilibrium, it's important that the chair have armrests to help them get in and out of the shower. A swivel seat is best if space is limited in the shower or bathtub.

Hygiene -  Some shower chairs or stools are equipped with an ergonomic cutout at the level of the genital area, making it easier for patients to clean this area on their own in case they can’t get up.

Comfort - The coating and finish of the shower chair: hypoallergenic materials like plastic can cover the chair, and other coatings such as PVC or wood may be used. Some models provide more comfort with a cushioned finish for those who require more attentions and protection of the skin.

Shower chair with wheels or not - we have to mention that the shower wheelchair is ideal for transferring the person before or after the bath if they have great difficulty walking a few steps. 

Safety - Consider installing a grip bar in the shower for extra safety.

Best Shower Bench For Elderly

In the above case a shower stool maybe the solution for a more comfortable experience.

Drive Medical Stool

4. Rotating, Padded Shower Chair

This shower chair is suitable for a person who does not have major balance problems.

Benefits of the Drive Medical Bath Stool:

- Rotation of 360 degrees with option to lock every 90 degrees.

- Adjustable seat height from 16" to 22".

- An extra tray for personal items is supplied with the stool.

- Weight capacity: 450 lb. 

OasisSpace Heavy Duty Chair for shower

5. Heavy Duty Chair

Benefits of the OasisSpace shower chair:

- Heavy duty with a weight capacity of up to 500 lb.

- Padded with a detachable cushion to allow easy cleaning.

- The cushion has a texture that prevents slipping.

- The shower chair comes with an easy-to-install 12-inch shower grab bar that is extremely easy to attach and detach.

- 6 height settings - from 14''-19''.

One may find the seat dimensions of 18" x 11" a bit small, in particular if he is a big person.

Carex Universal Shower Chair
Smooth Edge Notch to Hold Hand Shower

6. Carex Universal 

Benefits of the Carex shower chair:

- Trust the quality and materials of the Carex shower chair. Made in the USA by American workers.

- Built-in notch holds your handheld shower spray to keep your hands free.

- Built-in side handles, and non slip feet tips.

- The maximum recommended weight is 400 lbs.

- Easily adjusts from a height of 16" to 21".

- Tool-free assembly.

For Mobility Problems

If the person needs help during cleaning, is likely to fall, has some mobility or balance issues, is weak or in pain, we will look for something safer and more stable.

Chair for shower with Padded Armrests

7. Chair With Padded Armrests & Backrest

Benefits of the above chair:

- Armrests prevent falls and assist in entering and exiting the chair.

- HI-View Blue, helpful for the visually impaired person.

- An adjustable seat and frame provide the best comfort and support for seniors.

- Customize your shower chair with the optional removable armrests and backrest to suit whichever need you may have. It can make transfers easier for users or even caregivers. 

- Padding - warm to the touch, comfortable, slip-resistant, skin-tear preventing.

- The armrests may give some users the ability to get up and out of the shower without assistance, which gives a sense of independence back.

Medokare Chair for shower

8. Medokare Chair

Benefits of the Medokare shower chair:

- Easily removable chair back allows for use of the shower seat in almost all showers and bath tubs.

- 6 height adjustments, 16" to 20.5"

- Free tote bag.

- Soft, supportive padding.

- Easy assembly - but not so clear to all...

- Light, only 4.6 lbs.

- Weight capacity of 280lbs

For A Dependent Person

If the person is dependent on a caregiver, has trouble walking, or even uses a wheelchair, it's best to replace the bathtub with a shower tray. Use a chair that makes the transfer to the shower area easy, or even consider purchasing a chair that has wheels. 

best shower bench for elderly

9. Adjustable Shower Bench With Swivel Chair

Designed specifically for dementia sufferers and those visually impaired, the blue color help the seat stand out against lighter-colored bathrooms and also prevent other spills. The limitation in weight is 330 pounds. 

Benefits of the Carousel transfer bench:

- Sliding and pivoting for safe and easy transfer. The Carousel's sliding function prevents slips, trips, and falls by keeping the user secure.

- Padded seat, backrest and armrests. The padded arms can be adjusted, a key design feature is that it offers convenience by providing entrance and exit assistance as well as an easy way to sit down or get up when lifting one’s weight from the seat. 

- 360° swiveling seat for maximum safety and comfort.

- The shower bench is equipped with a seat belt for extra security.

- The bright blue color of this shower bench serves two purposes. A visually impaired person can easily see the shower bench, and it offers a contrasting hue for anyone that has difficulty seeing (for example, an elderly individual with visual impairment or cognitive decline).

Swiveling and Sliding Bathtub Transfer Bench and Chair for shower

10. Swiveling And Sliding Bench 

Benefits of the Carousel transfer bench:

- Please note this bench does not have armrests attached to the chair, it has a safety belt.

- The swivel seat turns 360° and locks every 90° allowing easy entry to and exit from the bench.

- This bath carrier has a sliding range of 15 inches, which provides ample space for a large person. There is an extra-long version of 24 inches. 

- Adjustable height.

- The swiveling shower seat for the elderly is available in a left or right-handed design.

- Weight capacity: 400 lbs

More Of The Best Shower Chairs

DMI Rolling Shower and Commode Transport Chair with Wheels

11. Chair with wheels

DMI Rolling Shower and Commode Transport Chair with Wheels

The DMI Rolling Shower and Commode Transport Chair can be used in two ways: as a shower chair or to move people with mobility issues.

This chair features a padded vinyl and back rest to provide comfort for long-term use. All wheels are stable enough to easily traverse a number of objects.

This is great for anyone with an injury or diminished mobility who wants to go back and forth from shower to toilet. And the locking mechanism in the back of the chair ensures that it will not move even when showering or going to the restroom.

EasyComforts Folding Bath Seat with Back Support, Portable Bench for shower

12. Folding chair

Elderly sufferers of arthritis, elderly individuals with hip pain, or elderly people with any other weakness or disability can now enjoy the comfort and safety of a shower chair. This perfect shower chair is both foldable, portable, and it's perfect for taking on vacation  

Folding shower chairs are designed for elderly people who want to maintain their independence but still need a little assistance in certain situations. These folding chairs offer not only safety, portability, and convenience but also a great design that make them a worthwhile purchase.

EasyComforts Folding Bath Seat with Back Support, Portable Shower Bench.
A folding bath seat is a safe place to sit, folds up and out of the way when not in use, and is easy to pack for traveling.

These high-quality features include a spacious textured seat with a supportive backrest. Besides offering the primary function of a shower chair, they are also easy to fold and store.

It has an easy-to-grip side grip.The shower chairs also have drainage holes to prevent pooling, rubber-topped feet for sure footing

Though relatively light in weight, these chairs are still durable enough to support up to 300 lbs.

This polyethylene bath chair with aluminum legs is great for anyone who needs a flexible solution.
HealthSmart Wall Mount Fold Away Bath Chair for shower

13. Wall mounted chair

HealthSmart Wall Mount Fold Away Bath Chair
Taking a shower is a chore by itself, but many find it even more challenging when they don’t have a place to sit down.
You may feel unsteady or want to sit down while you wait for your hair conditioner.

With its ability to be used in both the bath and shower, this space-saving seat is perfect for your little one who needs a boost!

To make showering comfortable, fold down this shower space and make yourself a seat with room to rest.

FQA - shower chairs

Who benefits from using a medical chair in the shower?

These bathing devices provide safety and support to anyone who is unable to stand safely in a shower or bathtub. Although often associated with older people, these safety aids can be used by many ages.

Alternative to shower seats is home alteration. You may need to redesign your entire bathroom for the needs of an elderly person. The result would be a significant cost and inconvenience for the individual who appears capable of showering independently. Nevertheless, the cost to do so is often unnecessary.

Invest in a quality, safe and comfortable shower chair - you'll be able to prevent everything that could come our way during a typical shower.

How much do shower chairs cost?

The cost of shower chairs bath can be anywhere from $20 to $900 for the best shower chairs.

Why should you have a chair in the shower?

Falls and injuries most fatal among old adults. Elderly adults are injured each year because they have fallen in the bathroom. The more you get older the more comfortable bathing experience should be, but in a secure and safe environment.

The shower chairs will give you safety!

How to assist the aging in the shower?

The elderly may struggle to get into and out of the shower, not to mention bathe themselves. How can you help them out?

As people age, they may need help washing. We recommend the following steps for assisting an elderly person in a shower:

  • Put supplies within reach.
  • Prepare the shower.
  • Make sure the water is at an appropriate temperature.
  • Guide the senior into the shower while they support themselves with a grab bar.
  • Let them wash on their own (unless they can’t).
  • Wash their hair, if needed. Try to shampoo his or her hair while keeping them stabilized.
  • Be aware of potentially slippery conditions when helping this way try not to let them out of your arms unless absolutely necessary!
  • Next, carefully help them exit the shower safely onto a dry surface.

If your senior’s shower doesn’t have grab bars installed make sure you add them as soon as possible.

How Often Should An Elderly Shower?

The answer to this question is not as straightforward as you might think. There are a number of factors that come into play when answering this question, including the person's age, health and hygiene habits.

Showering too frequently can dry out skin and hair, which may lead to itching or flaking. However, if an individual does not bathe for a few days it could cause body odor or infections from bacteria that has built up on the skin. It is important to find a balance between these two extremes in order to maintain healthy skin and hair while also preventing odors.

Because most seniors are less active, they can shower once or twice a week instead of daily if that's what feels best for them.
However, if you're a "sporty" senior and want to "feel the zing" of getting sweaty, being all caked up in dirt or other substances, then it may be better for your skin to shower more frequently.

Looking for more bathing aids?

What is a Bariatric chair?

Bariatric shower chairs are best shower chairs for heavy senior citizens, designed with durable construction to accommodate and help people over 300 pounds to shower comfortably and safely. The bariatric chairs or benches are designed to be able to withstand individuals who weigh up to 600 pounds.
A bariatric shower bench or chair can be used to safely sit in the tub during a shower while providing stability as well. The bariatric bath chair and benches not only suitable for obese individuals, but they can also be used by elderly individuals who may suffer from injury, disability, and any form of illness that makes it difficult for them to stand on their own. Usually a bariatric shower seat features non slip rubber feet to help resist slipping on the bathtub or shower floor, and a wide seat

We can find different Bariatric Shower Chairs

  • Standard Bariatric Shower Chairs.
  • Bariatric Bath Stools.
  • Bariatric Shower Chairs with Wheels.
  • Transfer Bariatric Shower Chairs.
  • Folding Bariatric Shower Benches.
Medline Heavy Duty Chair

14. Heavy Duty Chair - 550 Lbs

- Bath bench for patients who have difficulty sitting in a standard bath tub or standing in the shower

- Nonslip, rubber feet resist slipping on bathtub or shower floor

- No back for easy access and maneuverability when bathing

- Legs are height adjustable for a proper fit and non slip.

- 550-lb. (249 kg) weight capacity; seat height, 14"-17" (36-43 cm); seat depth, 12" (30.5 cm); seat width, 20" (51 cm)
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