June 21

Keeping Seniors Safe in the Kitchen

It is always important to keep your senior citizen safe in the kitchen. But, it can be difficult when they are so independent and refuse to take advice from their loved ones! Here are some tips that will help you keep them out of harm's way while still respecting their independence.

In Case Of An Accident

  • If you have an "Alexa" in the home, read our article about "Alexa Guard skills"
  • Keep a list of emergency numbers handy, and make sure they know where it is.
  • Make sure they have a Mobile phone, and know how to use it.
  • Make sure they have a Medical Alert Systems with Fall Detection.
  • Make sure smoke detector are functioning properly.
  • Teach the elderly what to do in case of a cut.
  • Teach them what to do in case of a burn from hot water.
  • Make sure there is a fire extinguisher or fire stop handy and they know how to use it. 
  • Have a "FYJENNICC Fire Blanket" handy, and make sure the elderly know how to use it.
Seniors Safe In The Kitchen-fire blanket

Fire Blanket

The Floor

  • Get rid of any slippery rugs or mats near the kitchen doorways, or in the kitchen, and replace them with nonslip ones.
  • Put a mat in front of the sink to avoid slipping.
  • Keep appliance cords out from underfoot with cord coasters.


  • Make sure all the appliances are in good working order.
  • Read our article about Safety Gadgets
  • Replace knobs with levers to make them easier to use.
  • Install a stove guard to prevent falls from happening.
  • Replace knobs with levers to make them easier to use.
  • Buy a SIMPLE microwave for the elderly (fewer buttons are better).
  • Try to use automatic "shut-off" where ever possible, kettles, iron and so on..
  • For gas stove use "iGuard" Automatic Stove Shut Off Device.
  • Increase storage area at low level, it will be more accessible. 
auto shut off

Auto shut off


  • Place nonslip strips by the edge of counter tops so they don't get wet when washing dishes.
  • Teach the elderly how to use an oven mitt and stay away from hot pots of water on the stove top.
  • Make sure they have enough light while cooking, especially when using sharp utensils like knives or scissors.
  • Make sure they have proper steps to get items out of reach.
  • Clean cluttered areas.
  • Replace any glass items with plastic. 
  • Get a safe stool for the kitchen, read our article about Furniture for the Elderly.