November 23

6 Best Exercise Pedals for Elderly (Don't delay start today)

With the best exercise pedals for elderly, you can achieve great cardiovascular outcomes without any added strain. Find out more about our exercise pedals for the elderly here and get started on your health journey today! These pedals are safe, excellent to improve cardiovascular health, and can be used anywhere, any time. Indoor training can be a great way to get your heart rate up and improve your health.

DeskCycle Under Desk Bike Pedal Exerciser
Our Choice is: The DeskCycle
Under Desk Bike Leg Pedal Exerciser
– Mini Exercise Peddler – Stationary Cycle for Home & Office
DeskCycle Pedals

Stay active anywhere.

Customize your workout

The tension knob to control your workout at 8 different levels.

Track your activity

Track your activity with a display that shows real time results.

Friendly fitness

Friendly fitness

Cardio exercise

Cardio exercise

Upgrade options

Upgrade options

DeskCycle Under Desk Leg Pedal Exerciser For Workout

This desk bike pedal exerciser is rated 4.6/5 and was rated by over a 4900 customers, so we can presume that close to 10000 were sold by Amazon. Those exercise pedal are designed to give your leg muscles and feet the workout they need while you sit anywhere. It is an affordable option with many of the best features that will help improve your health issues.

The Desk mini exercise bike has a display to monitor your workout which will give you the following info: Speed, Time, Distance, and Calories burned. The display is removable, you can place it near you to see better. 

The pedal exerciser for seniors is a cardio exercising device; take in consideration your age, start easy with the leg exerciser and progress slowly. 

You can adjust the pedaling resistance levels in 8 different steps, progress slowly through the 8 workout intensity levels.

This pedal exerciser is quiet at all resistance levels.

DeskCycle (desk mini exercise bike) is fitted with a security strap that you can use to keep it secured to your desk or any other object. 

This pedal exerciser has Bluetooth  communication for tracking your workout on cell phone applications and smartwatches.

The exercise pedals have adjustable straps, in case you need wider exercise pedals then those supplied with the pedal exerciser you can buy these on Amazon.

The price of this pedal exerciser is under $170


  • Size: 24x20x10 inches
  • Weight: 23 Pounds

What a customer had to say about this pedal exerciser for seniors: 

"I’m down 30 lbs in 7 months and feeling GREAT! This helped me build stamina and lose weight after a 4-year illness. I couldn’t do very hard exercises so I got two of these - one for work and one for home. I average 50 miles a day and when I’m home watching tv or working I make sure I’m using it. 
I have convinced multiple coworkers to buy these and now our corporate gym is selling them on campus. This is absolutely SILENT and it will literally be a deal breaker on accepting any future jobs if I can’t have this at my desk. 
I can’t believe the difference in how I feel. Also - I have been able to up the resistance and I notice that my quads are looking great! I’ve switched to pedaling backwards to help my hamstrings and I feel those developing so much as well.
I have NEVER liked my thighs, even when I was thinner and a dancer, but this thing has helped tremendously! I’m SO HAPPY! EVERYONE NEEDS ONE! Now, no matter how awful work is, I know that I’m at least getting paid to improve my health."

Seniors can increase their exercise routine with the exercise pedals for elderly - it is perfect for seniors to maintain their physical condition in a healthy way. 

Is pedaling good exercise ? The answer is YES and here are the benefits:

  • A safe way of exercising.
  • Good Cardiovascular exercise.
  • Easy way to lose weight.
  • Indoor training, no exposure to weather elements.
  • Flexible - anywhere, any time, as long as you want.
  • No previous experience needed.

It is Safe - the chances of injury are very minimal because you are exercising in a sitting position, and there is no danger of falling.

No need for help to get on and off. Unlike a 3 wheel bike or an exercise bike, you cannot lose your balance.

Pedaling is a very good Cardiovascular exercise; exercise your lower body, strengthen your muscles, joints, and improve blood circulation. 

An easy way to lose weight and to gain body mass.

Senior citizens need an outlet for their stress but high intensity activity is not always the best route to take. One of the most innovative solutions for this is exercise peddlers.

Indoor training - no exposure to weather elements, or any other dangerous elements which you may encounter outdoors.

Flexible - it can be used anywhere indoors, at any time, as long as you want.

Does not require any previous experience.

Can be used by everybody in the home, young, seniors, and elderly.

A relatively small and portable device, easy to transport.

Types Of Exercise Pedals for Elderly

Basic pedal exerciser - these types of pedals don't offer all the features that would be desired in a peddler.

Medical Pedal Exerciser - As the name suggests, these types of pedal exercisers are often used to maintain patients with limited mobility issues or other ailments. This medical bike can be a source of great comfort and relief for the elderly.

Under the desk exercise peddler for seniors - these are most popular for their small size that can fit under a desk and easily be transported.

Consider The Following Before Buying A foot pedal exerciser

First consult your GP.

Budget -  the price range of the pedal exercisers reviewed here is from around $40 to under $300. So it is clear that there is a difference in materials, workmanship assembly, design, and functionality. There are many pedal exercisers on the market today. You don't want to spend too much money but you also don't want to cheap out too much since quality can differ.

Size - before buying the pedal exerciser for seniors, it is important to look at the dimensions of the exercise peddler. The height should be shorter than the width, so there’s added stability.

Functions display - a pedal exerciser with a digital display is a great option for people who want to keep track of their workout values, such as calories burned, distance traveled and time. It’s important  for the numbers to be big, you will see them better. Bluetooth connectivity? Some are sending the information to applications on cell phone or smartwatch, consider the option if you like the idea.

Magnetic resistance - this term "patented magnetic resistance mechanism" will be repeated a number of times regarding exercise peddlers for elderly people. I think here is the right time to explain what it is: "magnetic resistance" is generated by spinning a metal disk through a magnetic field. This creates what are called “Eddy Currents”, which cause drag on the metal disk. The Kinetic Magnetic resistance unit provides quiet, smooth, progressive resistance because there is no friction in this system.

Adjustable resistance levels - being able to choose the resistance level is key in choosing an exerciser. Check out the different models of exercise peddlers to find one that matches your fitness needs!

Quietness - a critical factor in determining the best pedal exerciser is the quietness (quiet pedal motion). Being too loud will disturb others, even at home where soundproofing may not be an issue.

Warm Ups Before Exercise

Hip Circles - stand on one foot while holding on to a counter and move your other foot around in circles. Do 20 circles, moving your leg around in a circle. Switch legs.

Arm Circles - stand. Put your feet shoulder-width apart and keep your arms out with palms facing down at shoulder height. Do 20 circles in each direction. Make the circles big when you are more flexible so it feels good.

Arm Swings - first, stand up straight. Put your arms out in front of you, parallel to the floor and with your palms down. Walk forward while swinging your arms to the right so that they are at an angle to the right with a left arm in front of your chest and fingers pointing out to the right. Keep your head facing forward while only moving your arms.

High-Stepping - stand with feet parallel to each other and at shoulder-width apart. Step forward with the left leg and raise the right knee high up toward your chest (use a wall for balance, if needed) and use both hands (or one, if using the other for balance) to pull the knee up farther. Pause and bring right leg back down; repeat with the other side and continue "high-stepping" five times on each leg as you walk forward.

Heel-to-Toe Walk - (leg exercise) stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and take a small step forward by putting your right heel on the ground and rolling forward onto the ball of your foot. Then rise up as high as you can (as if you are standing on tip-toe) and bring your left foot over. Repeat five times on each leg.

Step Up and Over - stand with feet shoulder-width apart, hands on hips (or lightly touching a wall in front of you for balance). Shift weight to your left leg as you lift your right leg until thigh is parallel to the ground and then step out to the side as if stepping over an object; pause and lower into a squat (or half squat). Pushing up through the heels, stand up and return leg to starting position. Repeat five times on each side.

The 6 Best Exercise Pedals For Elderly People - In Depth Reviews

The price range of the pedal exercisers reviewed here is from around $40 to up around $300. So it is clear that there is a difference in materials, workmanship assembly, design, and functionality.

I added all the available images of the pedals to give you a full visual representation of the equipment and a better understanding.  

The best - DeskCycle Under Desk Bike Pedal Exerciser

1. Our Choice is: The desk bike pedal DeskCycle

The full review is at the beginning of this article.

drive medical deluxe portable pedal exerciser

2. Portable Pedal Exerciser Drive Medical Deluxe

Click on images below to enlarge.

The Medical pedals for elderly

The medical pedals for elderly people.

With digital display

The digital display

Pedals with straps

Pedals with straps for safety 

Folding, use it indoors and outdoors

Folding pedal exerciser - Can be used as an indoor exercise bike.

Operation Instruction

Operation instructions

Safety pin

Safety pin for seniors secure exercise  

Drive Medical Deluxe 

This pedal exerciser for seniors has a rating of 4.1/5 and was rated by over 5000 customers. This is a very low price device. I would suggest this pedal exerciser for somebody who is not sure if this is the equipment that he would like to use, and if he is happy with the idea of a pedal exerciser for seniors he can then graduate to a more expensive one after some time.  

  • Five functions display
  • Fordable, for easy transportation
  • Leg pedal exerciser and arm exerciser.
  • Size: 15 x 6.5 x 17 inches
  • Weight: 5 lbs

What a happy customer said about this best pedal exerciser for seniors:

"I was so skeptical when I ordered this item. I thought it would be flimsy, and might not work properly. I'm so glad I took the chance! It is very heavy and sturdy and extremely well-made.
It is easier to use than my [more expensive] stationary pedal exerciser with handlebars and much less cumbersome. It doesn't skate around on the floor and the tension is adjustable to maximize the amount of effort required. I love it so much that I ordered one to keep under my desk at work."
Sunny Health pedals - arm pedal exerciser

3. Sunny Health & Fitness -desk cycle exerciser

Click on images below to enlarge.

Sunny Health Pedals

Sunny Health & Fitness Exercise Bike

Features of the sunny health

Features of The Sunny Health



Hands exercise

One of the best pedal exerciser which can also be used as a hands exerciser to exercise the upper body and muscle toning.

Use it everywhere

Use it anywhere in the home and exercise your lower body muscles

Settings and display

Tension knob and digital  display

Sunny Health & Fitness

This desk bike pedal exerciser is rated 4.5/5 and was rated by over a 5000 customers, so we can presume that over 10000 were sold by Amazon.

The arm exerciser - Sunny Health has 4 different models, here I look at the SF-B0418. The way to combat a sedentary lifestyle is by using an under desk pedal exerciser. Whether you're using it from a seated position and want to do some passive lower body exercise or if you place it on your table, this light and easy pedal exerciser for elderly can also help with circulation.

Please take a minute and click on each of the above images to get more information.

  • It has a display to monitor your workout which will give you the following info: Scan, Time, Speed, Distance, Calories burned, Odometer, RPM.
  • You can adjust the resistance to 8 different pedaling levels by means of the tension knob. If you are just starting to use the device don't forget to progress slowly through the 8 levels.
  • You can do feet exercises and hand exercises to strengthen the upper body muscles.
  • The exercise peddler has a carry handle, so it is easy to move around and it has a texture surface grip - you should be able to use it on any surface.
  • This exercise peddler does not have Bluetooth communication.
  • The pedals have adjustable straps.
  • Handle for easy transportation.
  • Size: 22 x 18 x 14.7 inches
  • Weight: 21 lbs
Ancheer pedals

4. ANCHEER Pedal Exerciser

Click on images below to enlarge.

Functions monitor

Description of the functions monitor.

Features of The ANCHEER

Features of The ANCHEER


Dimensions, easy to store and transport.

Use anywhere in the home

Use the foot pedal exerciser anywhere in the home and burn extra calories.

3 min to assemble

It takes 3 minutes to assemble this pedal exerciser for elderly

Tension knob for adjustments

Tension knob for adjustments and the functions display

 ANCHEER Pedal Exerciser

This pedal exerciser is rated at 4.4/5 and was rated by over a 600 customers, so we can presume that over 1000 were sold by Amazon.

One of the best ways to combat a sedentary lifestyle is by using an under desk pedal exerciser. Whether you're using it from a seated position and want to do some passive lower body exercise or if you place it on your table, this light and easy device can also help with circulation.

Please click on each of the above images to get more information.

  • It comes with 8 adjustable levels to control the magnetic resistance.
  • Smooth movement of pedals.
  • Equipped with two pedals for arm and leg exercise.
  • Real time LCD monitor for your workouts.
  • Using your Bluetooth connection you can use applications on your cell phone.
  • This foot pedal exerciser has adjustable straps.
  • It is small and easy to move around.
  • Minimal assembly has to be done.
  • Size: 20 x 14 x 14 inches.
  • Weight: 19 lbs.

5. FlexCycle Exercise Bike

Click on images below to enlarge.

The portable device

The portable pedal exerciser

Benefits of the flexcycle

Benefits of the Flexcycle

Aerobic Exercise

Aerobic Exercise

Use it anywhere in the home

The desk bike pedal exerciser can be used anywhere in the home or at work

Tracking of your exercises

Tracking of your exercises

For all ages

For seniors and elderly

FlexCycle Exercise Bike

This pedal exerciser is rating at 4.6/5 and was rated by over a 600 customers, so we can presume that over 1000 were sold by Amazon. 

  • Middle of the range price wise.
  • Adjustable resistance, 8 levels of workout intensity.
  • Real Time LCD monitor for your workouts. Or 3rd party applications that run on your cell phone.
  • You have the best training videos and life time support for this bike pedal exerciser.
  • Anti slip grips, stabilizing bars included front and rear, optional tethering strep included for added safety on slippery floors.
  • Easy grip handle.
  • Size: 21 x 18 x 13 inches

Learn more from a family who bought quantities of pedal exercising equipment:

"I purchased this because I have a friend with a broken foot and I'm trying to help with some non weight bearing training. This FlexCycle is awesome for a cardio push AND upper body muscles workout! Easy to assemble (aside from not knowing 1 of the pedals was reverse threaded - so NOT righty tighty LOL) - just bolt on the legs & pedals of choice using the provided multi wrench and you're ready to go! So far I've only used the arm pedaling function, but it is fantastic! Very smooth, with great resistance options.
Lightweight enough to easily move, but sturdy enough to remain upright and not slide or tip. The screen to follow your metrics is a great bonus! LifePro has amazing customer service - I own 4 of their products (I'm an LMT and CPT), my brother (a DC) owns 2, and even my Mom has one. You can't go wrong with their craftsmanship, lifetime warranty, and excellent service! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!"
Cubii pro pedals

6. Cubii Pro bike pedal exerciser For Senior Citizens

Click on images below to enlarge.

The pedal exerciser

The pedal exerciser for elderly

Bluetooth sync Fitbit & Apple

Bluetooth sync Fitbit & Apple

Whisper Quiet, Compact

Whisper Quiet And  Compact Size

Use it anywhere in the home

Use it anywhere in the home

Recorded classes

Easy of Assembly

part of the community

With this pedal exerciser you can be part of the community of users

 Cubii Pro - Pedal Machine

This foot pedal exerciser is rating at 4.4/5 and was rated by over a 3000 customers, so we can presume that over 6000 were sold by Amazon.

This is one of the more expensive among the ones that I review here.

Please click on each of the above images to gain more understanding.

  • It has applications on iOS and Android, contents via Bluetooth displaying all the info of your workout on your cell phone.
  • Smooth movement of pedals and very quiet workout session.
  • Light weight, small footprint, no problem to take it with you in case you travel for a vacation.
  • Requires very little space in case you use it under a desk, no worries of banging your knees against the desk.
  • The angle of the pedals feel very natural for your feet, no pedal straps, just put your feet on an paddle.
  • The bike pedal exerciser is very easy assemble.
  • No hand exerciser.
  • You can burn a significant amount of calories in a few hours.

In Conclusion

The peddlers are ideal as a cardio exerciser for seniors, for those who are recovering from surgery or have an injury and are looking for a low impact form of physical therapy - pedal exercisers are the perfect machine. They give you a workout without overwhelming your joints in the process.

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