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23 Best Slippers For Elderly Woman (Safe And Comfortable)

Best Slippers For Elderly Woman are designed specifically with the needs of elderly ladies in mind. Woman who have arthritis or joint pain, or a flat foot need to wear slippers that provide all-day relief and comfort - don't they? Thankfully there's a range of safe slipper styles made just for them. We've rounded up some of the best ones on offer, so you can find your perfect pair too!

The Best Slippers For Elderly Woman

HAFLINGER Unisex AT Wool Hard Sole Slippers

HAFLINGER Unisex AT Wool Hard Sole Slippers

The Haflinger Slipper is very comfortable and slip-resistant, making it ideal for men or women.

A Haflinger is a soft slipper with an easy back and doesn't need to be tied.

Haflingers are a great option for elderly women looking for slippers because of their many color options.

The uppers of these slippers are 100% boiled virgin wool with a felt lining.

The felt insole is cushioned, and the latex footbed offers excellent arch support.

The non-slip slippers are also made with a waterproof material.

Crocs Men's and Women's Blitzen III Clog | Fuzzy Slippers

Crocs Men's and Women's Blitzen III Clog | Fuzzy Slippers

Crocs offer you the extra cushioning and comfort of a lightweight pair of Crocs in a luxury-lined slipper.

The Crocs Blitzen lady's slipper is based on the original Crocs design and caters to elderly ladies.

These are slippers/shoes that can be put on and taken off easily.

This slipper has a wool shearing lining for warmth and comfort.

Unfortunately, they only come in black.

Propet Women's Cush 'N Foot Slipper

Propet Women's Cush 'N Foot Slipper

The Propet’s Cush 'n Foot Slipper is a well-designed and adjustable slipper, which will have elderly feet feeling comfortably cradled.

These are ankle-high slip-on with a Velcro closure that is easy for seniors to use.

The RockDove slipper is available in a few color/pattern options.

The cushioning on the insole is removable to accommodate your own orthotics.

The durable rubber outsole has a lug tread for slip resistance, helping to protect your senior from falls. 

Slippers For Elderly Ladies-RockDove Women's Geri-Active Indoor Outdoor Adjustable Slipper

RockDove Women's Geri-Active Indoor Outdoor Adjustable Slipper

The Geri-Active Rock Dove slippers are the perfect indoor and outdoor footwear for elders who have to walk on slippery surfaces. The adjustable slipper has an adjustable neckband that fits all sizes; these well-padded slippers offer warmth for cold winter days.

The Upper is a blend of wool, and the slipper is available in a few color options.

The Velcro strap on the elevated design is great for easy adjustment and removal.

The slipper is fully lined with a lining that warms up cold feet.

These slippers have a high-density EVA midsole for shock absorbency and a cushioned insole.

The durable rubber outsole is designed for use both indoors and outdoors.

Acorn Women's Spa Wrap

The Comfy Slippers - Acorn Women's Spa Wrap

These 100% terry cloth slippers have excellent grip and durable rubber soles.

Multi-layered cushioned insoles provide support and relief for sore feet.

An adjustable strap ensures a comfortable fit, supporting the whole foot.

Available in assorted colors, they can be machine-washed.

Zizor Women's, Adjustable Strap, Closed Back with Memory Foam.

Zizor Women's, Adjustable Strap, Closed Back with Memory Foam.

Very fashionable and available in various colors, rubber soles underneath offer good traction.

With an adjustable strap, feet stay warm and snug.

A suede upper, Sherpa fleece lining with cozy memory foam insoles offer comfort with loads of style.

Diabetes-friendly, these slippers are suitable for both indoor and outdoor wear.

Your slippers will keep their good looks with machine washing.

Floopi Womens Indoor Outdoor, Moccasin Slipper

Floopi Women's Indoor/Outdoor, Moccasin Slipper

These moccasin-style slippers have rubber soles and a sturdy design to prevent elderly risk for injury.

Available in many colors, they are perfect for indoors and outdoors.

Feet stay warm with faux fur lining. 

Cozy memory foam insoles conform to your feet for added comfort.

Pembrook - The Best Slippers For Elderly Woman

Pembrook Womens Moccasin - Non Slip Slippers For Elderly Woman

Moccasin-style slippers have a dainty bow detail and soft faux fur lining.

Non-skid treads provide excellent grip for those non slip slippers .

Warmth and comfort come from foam insoles.

Available in soft brown, they are a great addition to any winter wardrobe

Women's Cotton Knit Ankle Booties Slippers Fashion House Shoes with Comfy Plush Lining

Women's Cotton Knit Ankle Booties 

Booty-style slippers are ideal for cold winter days.

A v-opening design makes them easy to pull on or off.

Anti-cold rubber soles are flexible.

Great cozy memory foam insole and plush lining make these booties warm and snug.

There are several colors and patterns.

RockDove Plaid Upper Strap-Over Moc Slipper

RockDove Plaid Upper Strap-Over 

With a plaid-detailed upper, these have three color options.

An adjustable strap guarantees a comfortable fit

The upper is from microfiber and terry cloth.

Cushioning is threefold with a memory foam insole, support foam, and anti-shock EVA.

These strap-over slippers are machine washable.

Alpine Swiss Sabine, Slip On Moccasin Slippers

Alpine Swiss Sabine, Slip On Moccasin 

These Moccasin-style slippers have soft shearling faux fur lining.

A suede upper, with a delicate leather bow, gives a chic and feminine touch.

The padded insole adds comfort.

You can choose from 5 colors to complement any outfit.


Best Slippers For Seniors With Flat Feet

Unisex Sheepskin Comfort Slippers

Unisex Sheepskin Comfort And Quality

You can't go wrong with these soft, quality slippers for the elderly. Made from 100% Genuine Shearling Sheep wool, these slippers are dry clean only and will last through years of use.

Incredibly Soft Shearling Unisex Slippers include REAL shearling for added comfort and a soft bottom to be worn indoors or outside.

A pair of slippers is one of the best cold-weather fashion accessories to keep your feet warm and cozy.

Snuggle up to the unmatched warmth and comfort of our luxury slippers.

Surell is a leader in real and faux fur fashion with unmatched quality and style since 1979.

Orthofeet Proven Heel and Foot Pain Relief

Orthofeet Proven Heel and Foot Pain Relief

The Orthofeet Women's Slipper is specially designed for different foot problems.

This stable footwear includes a special insole with anatomical arch support, an air-cushioned insole, and a stable platform to help alleviate heel pain. 

This slipper will make all your steps comfortable.

Acorn Women's Chinchilla Collar

Acorn Women's Chinchilla Collar

Older women need to comfortably and happily deal with their needs. This is why the Acorn Faux Chinchilla Slipper is a great choice as it easily meets these demands.

The slipper has an upper made from synthetic materials, a rubber sole that offers some durability, and a fully lined inside.

Users like this product because it keeps feet warm and comfortable, and it has a comfortably cushioned foot bed.

Several users have found that these cozy slippers are sturdy and easy to break in. They also like the fact that they're not full-slipped or mule-style slippers. 

Vionic Women’s Gemma Mule Slipper

Vionic Women’s Gemma Mule Slipper

These podiatrist-designed slippers are made of a terrycloth material and are easy to slip on or off. They also come with a heel cup with deep contours for optimal stability.

Our slippers for elderly women are comfortable. They also combat bacteria and fight odor because of the footbed material.

Vionic Adilyn Women's Orthotic Support Slippers

Vionic Adilyn Women's Orthotic Support Slippers

The Adilyn slipper by Vionic features a synthetic upper and rubber sole. The slipper has good arch support, making it both stylish and comfortable.

Users with wide feet recommend these slippers. They are both attractive and comfortable, making them perfect for everyday use. Plenty of customers have found that wearing these slippers reduces foot pain.

Acorn Women's Spa Wrap

Acorn Women's Spa Wrap

The Acorn Spa slipper is probably the best and safest slipper for elderly women.

The bottom of this shoe is made of rubber, but it is not too thick. The parts around the foot are soft and comfortable to wear for long periods of time, and they can be easily cared for.

Velcro closure – this makes it easy to take on and off. It also allows the senior to get a custom feel and fit. This slipper also has elastic bands in the heel that keeps the slipper securely on foot at all times.

The rubber soles provide traction and a cushioned surface. This shoe has anti slip rubber soles for use on both outdoor and indoor surfaces.

Ultra soft lining with terry cloth material inside and out. Velcro tab closures can be adjusted for a custom feel throughout the day.

Elastic bands on the heel hold the slipper securely in place.

Machine washable.

Available in 5 colors.

Double-Extra Wide Easy Closure Slipper for Seniors

Double-Extra Wide Easy Closure Slipper for Seniors

The Women's Double-Extra Wide Size Easy Closure Slippers are designed to provide seniors with comfort and mobility. This is why the adjustable fastener closure of these slippers makes it easy for those who have trouble dressing themselves to put them on or take them off.

These slippers for elderly women feature a design that prioritizes comfort. The material is lightweight and soft, adjustable straps let you find the most comfortable fit, and they come with removable insoles so you can insert custom orthopedics.

They are often chosen as diabetic slippers for women because of their medical benefits.

These non slip slippers protect against spills, smells, and more with the Fluid Barrier Advantage.

They are recommended by those who are in the field of diabetic neuropathy for aging individuals dealing with incontinence.

Whether you're trying to find the perfect swollen feet shoes, diabetic wide-width women's shoes, or slippers for edema, Silverts Women's Double-Extra Wide Easy Closure Slippers provide mobility and protection.

These indoor and outdoor slipper shoes are great for seniors at home, hospitals, and at assisted living facilities.

LongBay, Diabetic Slippers, Edema House Shoes

LongBay, Diabetic Slippers, Edema House Shoes

These slippers, lined with super soft faux fur for added warmth, are available in many colors.

Supportive insoles provide cushioning and arch support.

Durable rubber soles will provide good traction.

Being adjustable with an easy-to-use fastening ensures a snug fit.

Keeping your comfy slippers soft is easy because they are completely machine washable.

Git-up Women Soft Wide Slippers

Best Git-up Cozy Memory Foam Slippers - best slippers for Seniors with swollen feet

Soft Striped knitted uppers - coordinate with fresh colors. This design may get rid of your worries about sweat moisture.

These comfy slippers can be hand and machine-washed.

The slippers should be placed in a cool place to dry naturally. New style slippers available: grey and purple soft knitted upper.

The slippers are designed to adapt to the width of your feet by using flexible hook and loop closures. For seniors with arthritis or swollen feet, these can provide a cozy nest.

The Memory Foam insole provides even more comfort with every step taken. The cushioning on these slippers molds to your feet, and it also has health benefits.

These slippers' durable, textured rubber sole is perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

Women's Extra Wide Width Adjustable Slippers

Women's Memory Foam Slippers

The diabetic slipper with soft rubber sole has merit for anyone suffering from swelling, peripheral neuropathy, or bunions. The straps are adjustable using velcro closures to accommodate changes in one’s feet and legs due to swelling.

These extra-wide slippers provide a great grip for walking and are excellent if you use your feet to propel yourself from place to place.

The soles are made of grippy rubber. You'll also love how soft the outside feels, so they're perfect for lounging around the home or taking daily outdoor walks.

The Memory Foam Ladies' Slipper offers a soft upper with an extra depth design and wide toe box eliminating pressure on bunions, hammer toes, and sensitive feet.

The Memory Foam Gentle Golf is pad studded for ultimate cushioning in the heel area and padded with memory foam insole to eliminate pressure points for those with sensitive skin.

RockDove, Cross-Band, Diabetic Slipper

RockDove, Cross-Band, Diabetic Slipper 

Airflow comes from an open-toe style.

Straps are adjustable to ensure a comfortable fit.

Rubber soles provide skid resistance, and a terry cloth upper helps keep moisture at lay.

Cushioning is from memory foam insoles.

They are ideal for swollen feet and diabetics.

Dr.comfort Women's Cuddle Slipper - Camel

Dr.comfort Women's Cuddle Slipper - Camel

These have a nubuck upper with a rubber sole for traction.

A special gel insert provides cushioning.

As therapeutic slippers, they feature a toe box for added protection

Color choices are camel or soft pink..

When buying slippers for seniors pay attention to the following extra points.

Slippers are a better choice for elderly people who need to wear footwear all day long because their feet would be sore due to the long hours they spend on them. To make sure slippers will work well for an older person, consider:

For balance, safety, and stability wear non-slip slippers with a non-slip sole

There are many reasons why people think that elderly people shouldn’t wear slippers. One common concern is slippage which can cause someone to fall.

Outdoor-type or soft rubber soles with good treads provide the best grip and keep the elderly from slipping. The sole of a slipper should be a non-slip rubber sole and supportive.

The perfect insole should be of medium thickness and softness, so it supports your foot without compromising the stability of your ankle.

Insoles for comfortable walking

Ideally comfortable slippers for swollen feet are made of soft materials like cotton, memory foam insole and lined with even softer materials. However, it is critical that the upper surface and insole match up to avoid pressure points. 

Best slippers for seniors should have in-built arch support and superior shock absorption to take pressure off the ankles and knees. The best walking shoe should have insoles and be comfortable.

Easy to close and open

Easy-to-close shoes and comfortable slippers for those with arthritis or edema feet are especially important.

Small buckles, laces, and clasps are bad options for elderly slippers because they take time and precision to close and they can also trip the user if left unfastened.

Velcro is the best closure for slippers because it only takes one second to fasten. This also allows you to adjust the shoe so they can be a little roomy when you have swollen feet.

Velcro is a great material for seniors who have problems tying their shoes or other fastening materials.

  • Velcro straps ensure these slippers will stay on your feet for as long as you need.
  • Velcro securely fastens their shoes instead of shoelaces, which can come undone and create a potential tripping hazard.
  • Shoes that can be altered as tight or loose as the wearer wants are called slippers.
  • A Velcro closure allows for swelling; if the senior experiences a lot of swelling in their feet, the slipper can be loosened so that it isn’t too tight.
  • Older arthritic patients can get adjustments to help relieve the pain.
  • The slipper must be lightweight.

    As earlier stated, elder people should wear comfortable shoes most of the time. Therefore, the elderly should try to choose slipper types that are light in weight so as not to tire their feet.

    Wearing shoes that are heavy can make it difficult or impossible to walk for long periods.
    The safest slippers should have a good sole - rubber soles are the lightest and most comfortable option.

    Make sure it fits properly.

    When shopping for slippers for elderly people, be sure to find a pair that fits properly.

    It is important to find the right fit when purchasing slippers for elderly women. Too tight, and they will restrict circulation, not allow for swelling, and make feet cold. Too loose, and they can easily fall off.
    The perfect way to find the best slippers for elderly women is to buy a shoe that can adjust in size if your feet swell.

    Choose a wide toe-box, and sole.

    When buying a slipper, the most important feature is the toe box. Slippers with narrow toe boxes restrict your feet's movement and are likely uncomfortable. If the shoe is roomy enough, it will allow you to move while wearing them and won’t rub off or irritate your skin.

    The best slippers for seniors are those with wide heel and sole. These types of slippers are better because they provide plenty of stability.

    Wide slippers reduce the chances of tripping, falling or injuring the ankles.

    You may want to read our article Best Diabetic Shoes For Women: Comfy Heaven For Your Feet.

    FAQ - The Best Slippers For Elderly Woman

    What are the best slippers for elderly ladies?

    Senior ladies love to combine style, comfort, and support. Choose well-fitted non slip slippers with soles that fully enclose your foot, stopping it from slipping out. Cushioned insoles are essential for comfort and pain relief.

    What to look for in best shoes?

    Getting the right size is very important. Cushioned insoles provide relief for tired, sore feet. Make sure the sections are rounded and have enough space.

    Are slippers stylish?

    Absolutely yes! There are many beautiful slippers available. Different designs and colors mean you can be both comfortable and fashionable.

    Is it safe for elderly ladies to wear slippers?

    Yes, slippers can be safe, comfortable, and stylish. Slippers with proper fit, good grip, and foot-pampering insoles are an excellent option for our beloved seniors.

    What are safe slippers?

    Safe slippers have enough space for comfort, offer foot support, and have good traction underneath. Look for slippers that can close by the heel to prevent your foot from slipping out. Cushioned insoles prevent discomfort from foot health conditions. Closures should be Velcro or lace-free. Laces come untied and can be difficult to tie with cold or arthritic hands. Consider a walking stick for extra safety.

    Why do seniors love slippers?

    Slippers are comfortable and keep feet feeling pampered and warm. We recommend ensuring that your favorite senior gets a properly fitting pair with a good grip underneath.

    Can slippers reduce foot pain?

    Yes, slippers are great for reducing foot pain. As we age, we lose fat padding under the balls of our feet, which is especially noticeable in women. Older people are prone to bunions and callouses. Arthritis, gout, and diabetes also play a role in sore feet. Slippers with cushioned insoles are great for helping make feet comfortable and relieve pressure.

    What are non-slip slippers?

    Slippers with a good grip underneath provide traction. Look for a grooved pattern that extends to the sole’s edges.

    Which shoe is easiest for seniors? 

    Well-fitted shoes with good traction and Velcro fastening will be safe and comfortable. Bending to tie fiddly laces is not ideal, especially as laces come undone and are easy to trip over. Velcro fastening makes it easy to adjust for a snug and comfortable fit. Closed and cushioned shoes will keep feet warm and supported.

    Can slippers prevent falls? 

    Closed slippers with good traction underneath will increase stability and balance when walking, which is very important in fall prevention. Slippers should be able to be tightened to fit snugly and give foot support. Wearing correctly sized shoes is also vital. As our feet change as we age, it is important to get measured regularly to ensure proper fitting footwear. 

    Can I go for a walk in slippers?

    Yes, you can go for short walks wearing slippers. Well-fitted, cushioned slippers with good traction are safe. Many slippers are beautifully chic and will complement any outfit. Getting sturdier footwear to cope with wet or rougher conditions on longer walks is better.

    When is the best time to try on shoes?

    Our feet swell during the day, so getting measured for footwear after midday is better. Slippers with Velcro fastening can be adjusted to fit comfortably at any time of day. Ensure there is enough space in toe box areas to wiggle freely.

    Final thoughts

    A small detail like finding safe slippers for elderly people can make a huge difference in the life of an elderly person struggling with balance issues, falls, and injuries.
    When purchasing slippers for the elderly, it’s important to look for slippers with a non-slip sole, Velcro closure, and a design that accommodates swelling due to preexisting conditions.

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