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Best Diabetic Shoes For Women: Comfy Heaven For Your Feet

This article discusses the best diabetic shoes for women. We’ll discuss why you need specialized footwear and suggest the best you can buy. Finally, we’ll offer a buyer’s guide to what to look for.

Diabetes is a very tricky disease, and many sufferers of all ages ignore what’s happening to their feet until it’s too late.

The nerves in your body get damaged from high blood sugar levels. This can make wound healing slow, or it could even prevent healing. An injury isn’t something a diabetic can stick a band-aid onto and go about their day, especially an injury to the feet.

The burden of foot disease is particularly significant for elderly diabetics. Peripheral Neuropathy, abnormalities, and peripheral arterial disease (PAD) are the biggest causes of foot disease. Additional risk factors include poor vision, irregular gait, limited mobility, and other medical conditions. Plus, of course, wearing the wrong shoes or none at all.

Fear not. Help is available, and diabetic shoes nowadays are designed to protect your feet and look great too

Best Diabetic Shoes For Women’s Health

Diabetics can’t wear the types of shoes that non-diabetics enjoy. Even the slightest hard seam in a regular shoe can cause blisters that won’t heal and quickly turn into foot ulcers. And many women wore crazy (but gorgeous) shoes as part of being fashionable and sexy when they were younger. So bunions, hammer toes, and other deformities started developing early. Add diabetes to the mix, and those poor feet really suffer. We’ll begin by reviewing a cross-section of the top diabetic shoes for women, then move on to some stunning slippers.

Help with Swelling

The first on our list for diabetics who suffer from uncomfortable, swollen feet. These models give support and are made from soft material to reduce any chance of damaging friction. 

Grigobu Women’s Diabetic Shoes With Wide Toe Box

These shoes look great. They’re nice and wide, and getting them on or off is effortless. And they make for a great walking shoe as well.

Grigobu Womens Diabetic-Shoes for Elderly Swollen Feet


Let’s get into the details.

Flying weave – woven, breathable construction.

Materials – 100% Polyester with Rubber sole

Wide width & extra depth: These shoes have wide width and enough volume for a tailored fit. A wide-toe box provides pressure relief for a comfortable fit. Extra depth allows for diabetic insoles and diabetic orthotic made-to-order.

Best Diabetic Shoes And Slippers For Women

Easy to wear and take off. These are the best shoes for older adults with flat feet, swollen feet, edema, plantar fasciitis, etc. You can adjust and customize your comfort thanks to the adjustable velcro fastener.

Grigobu Diabetic Shoes construction detail – layers

User target & occasion: Grigobu shoes are ideal for diabetics who need more comfort, softness, and stretch to accommodate swollen feet. There’s also space inside for bunions, plantar fasciitis, corns, calluses, osteoarthritis, and rheumatoid arthritis. Multiple layers of extra soft material for the footbed make this shoe extremely comfortable. And the layers also protect the pressure points on the soles of your feet.

Dr Comfort Women’s Marla Black Stretchable Diabetic Casual Shoe

This is a slightly formal diabetic shoe but very comfortable.

Dr. Comfort Women's Marla Black Stretchable Diabetic Casual Shoe and Dr. Comfort has top dress shoes.

The Dr Comfort Marla is a machine washable, multipurpose, go-anywhere women’s casual shoe. It also offers comfort and protection. The shoes look sturdy but are soft, comfy, and built to last.
The Marla has a two-way contact closure and is made of stretchy, lightweight lycra. The lycra works for added flexibility and stability. The closure helps diabetics with swollen feet to easily get the shoes on and off.

Dr. Comfort Women's Marla Top View - wide opening
Dr. Comfort Women’s Marla Top View – wide opening

This shoe has padded heels and double-depth construction (made 1/4 inch deeper than ordinary Dr. Comfort shoes). The construction also helps treat deformities like bunions or hammertoes. And the padded heel helps to reduce skin irritation. Approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association for use in people with diabetes.

Dr. Comfort Women's Marla Back View - Padded Heel
Dr. Comfort Women’s Marla Back View – Padded Heel

Best women’s slippers for neuropathy

Diabetic Neuropathy is a nerve disease that frequently starts in the hands or feet. It typically causes chronic shooting or scorching pain and makes walking very painful. The best shoes designed for neuropathic pain must be soft with a comfortable footbed.

Sanibel Orthofeet Orthopedic Shoes for Women

These shoes are wonderful for easing foot pain.

Orthofeet Orthopedic Shoes for Women with extra cushioning.
  • Orthofeet orthotic shoes have an adjustable arch booster with orthotic insoles
  • This therapeutic shoe has multiple layers of cushioning. It offers soft, pillow-like support that is really comfortable. The layers also help in reducing heel and diabetic foot pain. 
  • The orthopedic shoes focus on stability, ease of walking, and springiness. They have lightweight, ergonomic soles with a slight rocker design. 
  • They feature various widths and two fitting spacers for a perfect fit. 
Sanibel Orthofeet Orthopedic Shoes for Women - shoes constriction details
  • Flexible, non-binding uppers with additional foam padding and a seam-free fabric inner relieve pressure and offer sensitive feet more comfort and protection. 
  • An extra-deep design and a wide and roomy toe box provide a pleasant, non-binding fit for the front of the foot and toes. The deep design also relieves pressure on bunions and hammertoes. 
  • Orthotic insole friendly: replaceable insoles (1 1/4″ thick in the forefoot area) offer enough room for specially manufactured orthotics.

Denacare Women’s Wide-Width Shoes

Denacare Women's Wide Width Diabetic Women's shoes

These shoes have a generous width and enough volume for a customized fit for diabetics with wide feet. A roomy toe box relieves toe pressure for a comfortable fit. Extra-depth shoes for orthotics created to order.

Denacare shoes are adjustable and easy to get on and take off. The upper is stretchable, breathable, lightweight, and keeps feet cool and dry. The smooth and airy inside lining feels great, and the soft foam-padded collar and tongue prevent complications.

The protective and firm heel counter improves stability and provides additional support for more effective walking. The EVA molded midsole and TPU Air cushion system increase rebound and absorbs impact shock.

Best for Walking

These count as some of the best walking shoes on our list. They’re designed for people with diabetes who want to exercise safely. Many people with type 2 diabetes have been able to reverse it with a commitment to exercise successfully. So getting your body moving is essential for anyone living with diabetes.

JBTNBX Women’s Diabetic Shoes Casual Walking Sneakers

JBTNBX Women’s Diabetic Shoes are good for diabetes, arthritis, plantar fasciitis, pain, or edema.

  • Made with a highly elastic fly weave and breathable upper with cotton lining. 
  • Lightweight slip-resistant rubber sole provides comfort and stability. 
  • Wide width with adjustable straps.
  • Ideal athletic shoe for diabetics.
  • Equipped with 3mm and 5mm insoles that can be adjusted and changed, allowing maximum comfort for the feet.
JBTNBX Women's Diabetic Shoes side view showing features

The soles have a high-tech cushioning vibration chip design and memory foam cushion support. This provides stability and comfort. These JBTNBX shoes relieve heel pain and reduce stress when walking or standing.

JBTNBX Women's Diabetic Shoes - Base of heel feature detail

The Buffer Vibrator feature also relieves heel pain and reduces stress when walking or standing.

Propét Women’s Tour Walker Diabetic walking shoes

The Propét Women’s Tour Walker Strap Diabetic walking shoe is made for fitness walkers. It has a leather upper that molds to your feet and a padded tongue and collar that lessen chafing and heel slippage.

Propet Tour Womens Walking shoes, they have dress shoes as well.

Special Features include:

  • Velcro straps
  • The shoes are lined with brushed nylon
  • 100% full-grain leather
  • Padded tongue and collar
  • EVA midsole with high density for shock absorption
  • Rubber outsole for good traction
  • Rocker profile for an easy stride

The Velcro straps on these walking shoes secure the feet while allowing maximum comfort and flexibility. The wide-width shoes also come with an easy-to-customize detachable orthotic and a rocker shape that improves the natural gait. A sturdy rubber outsole provides long-lasting traction while absorbing shock.

Drew Comfy – Women’s Clog

The Drew Comfy clogs feature faux trim and soft uppers, but their simple yet striking design makes them stand out.

Drew Comfy - Beige women's Clog

These clogs are among the most comfortable shoes for diabetics to buy because of their features, which include the following:

  • Antimicrobial lining guards your feet against infections and diseases
  • Comfortable Arch support
  • The molded footbed provides a gel-like padding to protect the bottoms of your feet.
  • And to keep the heels soft, a cushioned heel supports the back of the feet.
  • The protective toe box is deep, rounded, and wide, reducing pressure on the toes and toenails.
  • Extra-depth increases support
  • The flexible outsole improves road traction while walking
  • The removable footbed allows for custom orthotics
Drew Comfy Women's Clog back view

Comfortable for Running

The best shoes must offer extra support and softness for runners who have diabetes.

Orthofeet Ideal With Wide Toe Box

These really are ideal and so comfortable.

The quality orthotic insoles, arch support, and cushioning layers in Orthofeet’s Ortho-Cushion system provide deliciously comfortable pillow-like support. Lightweight, ergonomic soles improve stability with a gentle rocker design.

Soft, elastic knit fabric uppers offer enhanced comfort and protection with additional padding. In addition to providing more freedom for toe movement, a wide toe box also relieves strain on bunions and hammertoes.

New Balance Fresh Foam

Fresh foam! Whoever came up with the name is pretty clever. It evokes sensations of light, airy comfort for diabetic feet.

New Balance Ftesh Foam 1080 v12

Fresh Foam X midsole foam delivers New Balance’s cushioned Fresh Foam experience for excellent comfort and arch support. It contains about 3% bio-based material produced from renewable resources.

A Hypoknit upper was designed to offer strategic areas of support and stretch. You get a nice, snug, supportive fit from the upper construction.

The forefoot outsole is made of blown rubber and provides superior rebound.

Best Women’s Slippers For Diabetics – Our Top Picks

Wonderfully Comfortable

There’s nothing better than settling into lovely cozy slippers, especially if you have sore, swollen feet. Our list of diabetic slippers is all about comfort and support for your feet.

Women’s Diabetic Slippers For Swollen Feet – Acorn Spa Wrap Slippers

The Acorn Spa Wrap diabetic slippers are incredibly plush, making them a cozy option for people with diabetes. You can achieve the ideal personalized fit thanks to the adjustable strap.

Acorn Women’s Spa Wrap Slippers

These slippers are all about encouraging good foot health in a diabetic patient. They include a molded footbed with heel and arch support. The memory foam insole offers supportive cushioning. They also have a waterproof, skid-resistant outsole.

Acorn Women’s Spa Wrap Slippers variations

Zizor Womens Slipper

The plush memory foam insole increases warmth & comfort (four layers thick). And there’s lovely thick, toasty soft sherpa fleece inside and plush suede upper.

An adjustable, secure, and simple-to-use hook and loop fastening strap can accommodate swollen feet and ankles.

The closed-back design will keep your feet in the slippers.

These diabetic slippers are especially helpful for elderly diabetics. They offer a super-sturdy rubber sole with anti-skid traction, good for inside and outdoor wear. And the Zizor Women’s Slipper is machine washable.

Zizor Slipper Adjustable velcro Strap detail

Women’s diabetic slippers for swollen feet

If your feet swell often, your skin can become very fragile and easily damaged. You need slippers that protect your feet.

Silverts Extra Wide Soft Fleece – Best slippers for diabetic neuropathy

The extra wide fit, super soft, warm bootie slipper is ideal for swollen feet and ankles. A perfect choice for people living with diabetes! Silverts Easy Touch Closures make footwear adjustable and easy to put on. The polar fleece with warm pile lining is wonderful for fragile and delicate skin.

Tips for Buying Diabetic Shoes

It’s essential to take care when you’re buying your diabetic shoes and slippers. Take your time and if they don’t live up to the advertising hype, send them back!

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when you’re buying your new footwear.

  • Look for shoes with soft insoles and good cushioning. 
  • Weight gets distributed more evenly over your feet thanks to the cushioning and comfort that foam padding provides. It lessens strain on the bottom of the foot and aids in the relief of heel discomfort. 
  • Soft fabric should make the shoe easier to insert thick insoles and orthodontics. Softer material also allows for toe movement inside the shoe, reducing the risk of blisters and ulcers. 
  • A decent pair of diabetic-friendly shoes should have a flexible, resilient carbon rubber outsole. This removes pressure spots and enables the shoe to conform to your foot shape.
  • Check for air bubbles. The air spaces in a good diabetic shoe serve to reduce the strain on the joints. 
  • Go for footwear with comfortable anatomical arch support. If the arch support is too hard or uncomfortable, it could cause the tissues in your feet to deteriorate.

Caring for Your Diabetic Feet

diabetic foot care

We can’t discuss buying shoes or slippers without talking about caring for your feet. As you already know, the diabetic foot is much more susceptible to damage and infection.

Examine your feet every day

Check them twice daily, particularly the areas between the toes. Examine them for cuts, cracks, calluses, sores, bunions, blisters, ingrown toenails, or redness. Using a mirror can be helpful if bending is difficult. It’s best not to do home surgery on calluses and ingrown toenails; rather, get a professional to keep your feet smooth, safe, and pretty.

Protect Your Feet

Make sure to wash them every day with light soap and warm water. Dry them gently, including between the toes. Apply a little lotion to the tops and bottoms to keep the skin hydrated to prevent cracks that could lead to infection. Wearing comfortable diabetic footwear that fits correctly will protect your feet and help you avoid blisters, sores, and other foot issues.

Avoid Blood Sugar Spikes

Uncontrolled high blood sugar increases your risk of inadequate blood flow to your feet and nerve damage. Thus leaving you more vulnerable to foot numbness, ulcers, and chronic infections. If left untreated, infections and ulcers can become gangrenous, necessitating the amputation of a toe, foot, or leg.

Final Thoughts: Best Diabetic Shoes For Women

We hope we have helped you find your ideal footwear in our list of women’s best diabetic shoes. Or at least point you in the right direction.

By the way, all the shoes and slippers on our list come in various colors.
The right shoes for people with diabetes make all the difference in the world. It’s also a good idea to get diabetic socks to wear with your shoes or slippers.

Finally, immediately see your doctor or podiatrist when you see any foot injuries. Your feet do a lot for you, so it’s best to try and do the most you can for them.

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