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Best bras for seniors are the easy wear you need

To buy one of the Best Bras for Seniors can be a stressful experience at a certain age. As we age, our bodies change in many ways.

According to scientific research by the International Health Foundation in The Netherlands: in a survey of 1130 elderly women, 18.6% had to buy larger bras to support their increased bust size. Great décolletage at last.

I believe the right bra for the mature woman has style as well as substance and will give her girls and her spirit a lift. Wearing stylish, comfortable lingerie will improve an older women's self-confidence significantly.

The Perfect Fit

The Best Bras for Seniors is a bra that fits properly. Menopause causes many hormonal and physical changes to our bodies. Ligaments weaken, fat becomes more plentiful, and skin loses elasticity and thinner. Breasts sag, and breast tissue softens. Breast shape and size can also change. The cup size can change to a d cup. Sagging breasts can cause backache and discomfort.

The best bra for senior women will compensate for these changes and comfortably lift and support your bust. The best bra is stylish and comfortable, giving good breast coverage. Essential features to look for in a new bra are wide adjustable straps and easy-to-use closure.

A bra with reinforced sides will provide side support to cup sides and push your breast tissue to the front and center. A fabric "sling" in the cup or a vertical seam running from the bottom of the cup can improve the fit of your bra and the appearance of your bust.

Middle aged women

Healthy and Wise

Wellness becomes increasingly significant in our golden years, and older women should choose their bras accordingly.

Breast cancer is something that affects many women. Many women have a mastectomy and need a well-fitted comfortable bra post-surgery. Golden girls may also develop arthritis or other physical challenges as you age. Closing your bra may be very difficult. Women with these challenges require a bra that they can put on easily.

Front Closure Bras - The best bra for an older woman is one with an easy-to-use front closure that slips on like a shirt or blouse. Put your bra over your arms, then do it up in front. Manufacturers produce a wide variety of front closures, magnets, Velcro, zips, hooks, and eyes or snaps.

Hooking a bra from behind can be painful, and it may be challenging to get a smooth back as the hooks may not cover the straps.

Any woman in a nursing home who has mobility challenges wants to be able to get dressed without assistance, and a front closure bras makes this possible.

Front closure bras

Bra Fit

First things first! Make sure your bra fits properly. Most of us walk around in the wrong size bra that chaff sensitive skin and moves from the correct position. Poorly fitting bra straps may fall at the most awkward moments.

To make sure your bra fits appropriately, measure your breasts. To do this - use a standard tape measure below your breasts where your bra band sits, then measure your breasts at their fullest part. The difference between the two measurements is your cup size. The measurement where your breasts are fullest is your bra size. The preferred bandwidth for elderly women is a thicker supportive band.

There are seven different breast shapes: round, slender, east-west, asymmetric, bell-shaped, side set, and teardrop.

Depending on your shape and size, your ideal bra will sit comfortably on your bust, prevent aches and discomfort, and lift your girls. Breasts may have been round and complete as the years go by; they become shallower.

A molded bra may no longer work on your body; perhaps an unlined bra is a better choice. Your skin may become more sensitive, and softer fabric may be your right choice.

Bra Cup size chart

The difference in inches

Cup Size

























Once you know your bra size, ladies, spring cleaning your lingerie drawer is an excellent idea. Discard all bras that no longer fit properly or are worn. Buy new bras that are perfect fit for the size and shape of your breasts. Out with the old and in with the new. You owe yourself self-care, and well-fitting, comfortable bras make us more confident. Confidence is beautiful at any age.

When you select a new bra for your changed body, explore all your options. What style of bra do you want to buy? A bra for everyday wear, a sleeping bra, a molded bra, an underwire bra, or a bra for a special occasion? Softness and comfort may be much more relevant than ever before. Bras come in various materials: cotton, satin, Marino wool, and synthetic stretch fabrics. Most older women prefer daily wear bras that feels soft and comfortable all day, does not cut into or irritate sensitive skin and has wide straps with good coverage.

Is the bra for a special occasion like a wedding where you are the mother or grandmother of the bride? If you are having a dress made or buying a special outfit, buy your bra first and try your special outfit on with your new bra to ensure your new outfit fits properly and you look lovely.

Sporting activities need a different kind of firm support so that you can focus on your sport with no anxiety about a poorly fitting bra. A sports bra is perfect for physical activity. There are bras for high-density as well as low-density sports. The bra you buy must reflect your preferences.

Do you have to consider health issues, mobility, arthritis, hands that don't work as well as they used to, or have you had a mastectomy? There is a great bra out there for every need.

Styles of Bras

Underwire Bras

An underwire bra has a wire under the breast to keep your boobs in place. An underwire can break delicate skin and chaff, causing pain and discomfort. A bra that is good for women of every age is:

Playtex Women's Secrets Love My Curves

Playtex Women's Secrets Love My Curves (1)

If this is not a style you wear, you can get the shape and lift from foam padding and stretch fabric in non-underwire bras.


A bralette is a minimal bra for elderly ladies with small breasts who need little support. Plus-sized women can also wear a bralette, but they offer more comfort than support. They are made of soft, comfortable fabric and are usually unavailable in different cup sizes. An example of a bralette is:

Fruit of the Loom Women's Front Closure Cotton Bra

Fruit of the Loom Women's Front Closure Cotton Bra

Front closure bra

Sports Bras

Sports bras are a favorite for the majority of older women. The introduction of sports bras created a comfort revolution. Sporty women of every age and stage enjoy wearing a well-fitted sports bra to improve posture, keep chest muscles strong, and support your girls while exercising.

Many women wear this style daily, but this is not recommended as it can cause chest compression. This style is excellent for an active lifestyle. It is made of elasticated fabric and covers your girls; with wide straps for support and comfort.

An excellent example of a Sport Bra is:

FITTIN Racerback Sports Bras for Women - Padded Seamless

Sports Bras for Women

Sport Bras

Front-closure Bras

Front closure bras work well for older women. The front closure bras can be with a zip, Velcro, magnets, hook and eye closure or snaps. A bra close in the front is much easier to close.

This type of bra is a comfortable support garment. The front closure is a good option for most older women. Dressing in a front closure bra may take a bit of getting used to. Unlike back-fastening bras, you don't have to reach behind your back to close your bra. Dress in your bra the same way you would dress in a shirt o blouse. Fit your arms through straps then close the front closure bra. Make sure your bra straps are adjusted for comfort, and you are ready to go and tackle your day.

A great example of a front closure bra:

Playtex Women's 18-Hour - Front Close, Wirefree, Back Support

Front Close Bra

Sleeping Bras

A sleeping bra is soft and comfortable and made of natural fabric. A sleeping bra provides good support for a large bust. Many women can't sleep without a bra. A sleeping bra offers support but does not restrict the bust.

A good sleep bra is:


Sleeping Bra

Bras for larger breasts and bigger cup sizes

The best bra for seniors women with large breasts is a bra that offers extra support. Breast tissue sags as we age, and muscle tone reduces. These factors cause breasts to increase in size and cup size. A good bra for large breasts will offer additional support and may have a longer line - almost to the waist. Large unsupported breasts may cause physical discomfort, poor posture, and back pain. Great support removes these problems.

A great bra for larger breasts and cup sizes is:

Exquisite Form - Slimming, Wireless, Back & Posture Support

Bras For Larger Breasts And Bigger Cup Sizes

post-mastectomy Bra

Breast cancer is a frightening disease, and it is prevalent. Most breast cancer patients have to have a mastectomy, radiation, and chemotherapy. A mastectomy is a serious surgery, and your doctor will recommend the correct bra for you at each point in the recovery process. Breast surgery is a challenging experience, and many decisions must be made post-surgery.

Bra top, Cami with a built-in bra or breast slingwell.

These options are also available and can simplify dressing without discomfort—people living with arthritis and other women in nursing homes with issues that reduce mobility. A breast nest like the one mentioned below is a great choice and is available.

Breast Nest, Wire-Free Bra Camisole Vest - Comfort Bra for Advanced Age Women

Comfort Bra For Advanced Age Women

Comfort is a choice.

As we age, we become more accepting of ourselves. Comfortable clothing becomes more important than following the latest trends and wearing fashionable bras. Mature women prefer comfortable, attractive bras. A bra with these qualities is a priority for most older women.

Decorative qualities and Color.

Women of all ages enjoy wearing a bra that is well-fitted and attractive to look at. Many bras are sold in a variety of colors and styles. It boasts an older woman's self-esteem to wear pretty colorful underwear, Even if you are the only one who sees what you are wearing under your clothes. Some days a pink bra and matching knickers are what I need to boost my self-esteem. Most bras are available in white, black, and nude, but styles in a rainbow of colors are an excellent buy for some self-care. A bra with some color can add a spark to every day.

An example of this is:

Best T-Shirt Seamless Bra, Wirefree Comfort Flex Lace Bra

Best T-Shirt Seamless Bra

Bra Budgeting

Bras are available at all price points. The most exclusive expensive bra may not be the perfect buy for you. Have fun exploring all the available options. We are fortunate in the 21st century to have experienced a comfort revolution and have a wide range of styles at prices for every budget.

Our bodies may change. The things we consider of primary importance may become less critical. Wearing a well-fitted, comfortable bra that enhances our body can lift our spirits and our girls.

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Vicki Hammon is very interested in help and different healing modalities. She has completed courses in nutrition and reflexology. Vicki has extensive Rogerian lay counseling experience. She was trained and volunteered for Life Line. She is currently enjoying her wise-woman years and living her best life.

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