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Creating an Elderly-Friendly Bathroom: Tips and Ideas

Bathroom Aids For The Elderly - Senior Citizen Care

What Is Better For The Elderly: A Shower Or Bathtub?

Having to choose between a shower and a bathtub as the best solution for the elderly can be difficult. Generally, it depends on the physical condition and mobility of the elderly person, but we can certainly say that the tub is more suitable for enjoying a relaxing bath, while a shower is great for quick and effective cleansing.

What Should We Consider When Choosing Between A Bath Or Shower

To be able to design a bathroom with suitable equipment for the needs of an elderly person we must have a clear understanding of the two options.

Let's start with the shower - this is undoubtedly ideal for all those with walking problems. In this case use special chairs and grip handles to guarantee a comfortable and safe environment for the best experience.

A feature of primary importance in the shower is the ability to guarantee a rapid washing experience in safety.

The bathtub is psychologically quite the opposite of the shower. The shower is practical and quick. The bathtub adds comfort and provides relaxation. What's better than being able to immerse yourself in a pool of water and relax? To combine daily cleansing with greater self-care without neglecting safety.

Finally, the bathtub could appear uncomfortable for those with disabilities because it limits movements. 

Features That A Shower For The Elderly Must Have

The task is to build an environment in which the elderly can move at their leisure and feel comfortable and safe.

In the case of a shower this is achieved in the following way:

A Shower chair: This is one of the primary things needed by an elderly person (In this article we will help you understand which one to choose based on your needs.) The chair guarantees all the comfort one needs. The elderly can sit down and proceed with washing calmly and hold on to the chair if necessary to avoid dangerous slips or accidental falls.

Handles or grab bars

Handles or grab bars

Handles or grab bars: The installation of one or more handles or grab bars is essential for a shower that is age-proof. Their task is to ensure stability and at the same time increase the range of movements. With the above one can safely move near the shower, or perhaps to reach the towels. The handles or grab bars must be installed where needed as they are the number one protection against bad falls.

Flush shower tray: If you want to avoid difficulties entering the shower, the ideal solution is to build a shower tray flush with the floor. The absence of a barrier will allow the elderly to enjoy the bathroom without the help of caregivers. In doing so they will feel more independent and certainly happier once the well-deserved wash is finished.

non-slip mat

Non-slip mats

Non-slip mats: Their use is a benefit to everyone using the shower. A non-slip mat placed in the shower will prevent most falls so common during showering and will certainly increase the overall safety level.

Showerhead: For the elderly sitting comfortably in his chair and preparing to take a bath or shower, it is essential that he has a fully mobile shower head available so as to reach every part of the body as many times as he wants to. 

shower head

Features That A Bathroom For The Elderly Must Have

The bathtub, as well as the shower, would probably require certain improvements.

Chair for bath

Chair for bath

Door opening: Opening the door towards the outside is preferred in order to avoid complications during entry and it would be advisable to choose one that does not have an automatic closing feature to avoid accidental injuries.

Bath chair height: For as comfortable a wash as possible, it is essential that the chair has the right height to make the movement more practical and prevent slips and falls of the person due to the rising water level.

Grab handles: Here too, as in the shower, the presence of a grab bar is an essential requirement for complete freedom of movement and greater stability while washing, especially in the initial and final phases.

grab bars

Taps: It is essential that they are placed in the immediate vicinity of the seat so as to prevent unnecessary movements and to be able to manage the temperature and water level at will.

What Toilet Seat Is The Best?

The toilet seat is an important issue by itself, the toilet seat can have many configurations and we dedicate an article to this important point. 

How Often Do The Elderly Wash?

Generally for the elderly, it is sufficient to take one or two baths a week in order to avoid any skin infections. Of course, a higher number of ablutions may be necessary in case of special medical needs.

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