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Appliances & Gadgets

Appliances & Gadgets For The Elderly - Senior Citizen Care

Gone are the days when technology used to be a luxurious thing for the niche market. Imagine back in the ’50s ’60s, when new gadgets and technical inventions were only for the elite. Those who could afford it were born and raised on a silver platter. Now, anyone can own any type of gadget or technical equipment. They have become more accessible and affordable.

It is much more complicated than meets the eyes for senior citizens. However, things shouldn’t and won’t always be difficult to use or figure out.

On the bright side of life, older people can now operate technical equipment and gadgets easily. The world has become so detached from cords, and with almost every appliance becoming cordless, life could never be this easy.

Imagine vacuuming while sitting down, drinking tea, or even watering your plants. Just make sure the vacuum machine, or as they call it these days, the robot vacuum cleaner, is fully charged and will go around the house cleaning on your behalf. Such appliances leave us much time to do other things and enjoy life to the fullest.

As an older person, imagine having a robot or bot or even a digital dog that keeps you company the whole day. All you do is command it to do other things for you.

For example, Alexa, the high digital robot easily connected to most of your home appliances, can easily be commanded to call 911 for the police, ambulance, or even fire department in case of any emergency that requires the assistance from officials. Surely Alexa can also be a reminder to take your medication daily. How about that for a simple life, huh? Going out for a walk or running an errand, let Alexa, the Amazon Astro, patrol your home when you are away.

Safety has become an issue for older adults, yet gadgets such as Alexa and Seri are slowly assisting in providing extra care when no one is home. The smartwatch is the most important gadget for seniors. Just having your health assistant on your wrist. Talk about monitoring your heart rate, sleeping quality, stress levels, and a number of steps taken in a day just to keep fit; some also have built-in fall detection, while others are water-resistant with longer battery life.

Among many other useful gadgets, here are our top 10 gadgets and smart technology for almost every daily activity (in particular order), such as:

  • Virtual Home Assists
  • Doorbell Cameras
  • Stairlifts
  • Bath Rails
  • Jar Lid Remover (Even some of our youth could do with this one…)
  • Key Turner
  • E-Reader
  • GPS Tracker
  • Button Hook
  • Zip Puller

You are probably wondering why one of your gadgets didn’t make it to our top 10 list, right? It doesn’t mean we do not recognize it as one of the best in the market. The truth is, we can spend the whole day listing all our favorite gadgets as the list is endless. More improvements on existing and new gadgets are emerging in the market to aid the well-being of senior citizen.

Even medical care gadgets have been introduced daily to improve the safety of our loved ones, keep them from feeling isolated, and, most importantly, make sure that seniors remain independent for longer time. See? Everything gets better with age. All you need to do is adjust to the new digital age and allow yourself to be spoiled.

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