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About Us At Senior Citizen Care Site

Senior Citizen Care is your online destination for helpful information about senior care, products, and a host of other relevant topics. We provide you with up-to-date research to empower seniors in making decisions that are right for them as they age. Explore the topics that interest you by checking out any of the links above!

The People Behind This Site

Senior Citizen Care is proudly owned and operated by Yakkov Seidman and Amy Derungs. We are a retired couple intent on providing high-quality content to discerning online visitors. This site aims to help out the elderly and their caretakers with various tips, products, strategies, and routines that will make their lives more comfortable.

About the author

I'm Amy

Amy works from home as a website content writer. She has extensive experience caring for her frail and elderly mother-in-law, who suffers from Alzheimer's and has severe back problems. Amy is very aware of the importance of retaining one's dignity and independence as one age. She herself suffers from Parkinson's disease.

Amy Derungs

I'm Vicki

Vicki Hammon is very interested in help and different healing modalities. She has completed courses in nutrition and reflexology. Vicki has extensive Rogerian lay counseling experience. She was trained and volunteered for Life Line. She is currently enjoying her wise-woman years and living her best life.

Vicki author

I'm Yakkov

I am an experienced elder care provider with a BSc in Electronic Engineering from Tel Aviv University and a diploma in Art from WITS University in Johannesburg. I have traveled widely and understand the challenges of caring for an elderly loved one on a personal level. I currently care for my mother, who is 88 years old and suffers from dementia and physical issues. I have severe back problems and balance issues, giving me first-hand knowledge of how to best care for seniors dealing with similar ailments. My extensive education, experience, and compassion make me an ideal choice for those looking for reliable elderly care.

Yakkov Seidman
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